Yenta Levin’s Chicken Soup Goyimme

Matzoh-free, like the shiksas make …

“So who needs matzoh?”


Back in the old neighborhood in Sarasota, my mother (God rest her soul!) used to make chicken soup, oy did she make! With the chicken bones and the big pot and the onions and the chopping and dicing and seasonings and the boiling, always with the boiling – all day…and for what? So the other loudmouth old bitties in her mah-jongg group could all chime in, with their comments!? “Too much salt,” “have you tried with the ‘no-fat?’ “ “what’s with all the pepper?”   Continue reading →

Encased Meats: The Argument For Homemade

Imagine stuffing yourself, with a sausage you stuffed yourself.

Electric meat grinder and sausage stuffer.

If you have never made and consumed a bespoke hamburger, from fresh chuck that you ground yourself, to your own exacting specifications, from an inspired recipe of your own creation… then you aren’t living precisely right. You aren’t deriving enough pleasure from the hamburgers that you eat. You are still buying dried-out, shrink-wrapped stale ground beef “off the shelf” at some defeated grocery chain, which is like buying a suit from Sears on your way to work and wearing it after you remove the tags.   Continue reading →

Trump vs. Trump

In a never-ending battle for Truth, Justice…and The American Way.

Note the Russian ties…

People who say, “Donald Trump is his own worst enemy” aren’t paying close enough attention to his competition. They’re giving his many enemies short shrift if they think that a dufus like The Donald could outdo them in any “enemy” competition.

Lethality, that’s the measure of an enemy. How well equipped is an enemy to be able to take one’s self down?

But — is Donald Trump actually an enemy of Donald Trump? Or is Trump Trump’s own BFF?   Continue reading →

The Waitress Sandwich

Progressives Always, Always Take The High Road.

Right after they’re apprehended naked on the Low Road.

Here’s how to roll:

No one ever drowned in Roy Moore’s car…

First – you have to get high. Looking at yourself in the mirror usually does the trick. Then take off your clothes and parade in front of your female Secret Service agents as you take your morning swim.

”Like some breakfast, honey?” Your famous wink.

Then for lunch, maybe a fresh young waitress squeezed between you and your best buddy in the Senate: a “waitress sandwich,” get it?.   Continue reading →


There Is No Trump But Trump

Believe on it – and ye shall be saved. The Shining

The key to “understanding” Trump is Norman Vincent Peale, the minister and author of “The Power of Positive Thinking.” Few know that Rev. Peale actually officiated Trump’s first marriage, to Ivana.

People wonder how Trump can so blatantly lie in the face of defeat and call it “victory.” How he can swear on a stack of Bibles that he is the greatest President since “maybe Lincoln.” How he can declare himself a “pussy-grabber” on camera and still be elected President.

It really irritates them, especially the folks who talk about news on television.   Continue reading →


Sharp dresser, his hair is perfect, and – he’s packin’ an A – Bomb….

Asian comic slays in impromptu stand-up appearance…

So… gag ‘em-style Leader-For-Life Kim Jong Un walks up to a bunch of North Korean Generals and asks, “OK, dogs – which one of you lackeys has phone-numbah for Donode Twump’s barbah?”

Shear Madness…

How To Write History

Set it in stone now, to secure the future…

What Happened (Really. Honest.)

Back in the days when Bill Clinton was “ministering” (as his adoring wife Hillary said it so well) to Monica Lewinsky, it was all the rage for “consenting” adults to have “relationships” outside the archaic “bonds” of marriage, and quite naturally so, we were told, sex being sex, human frailty, etc., and depending upon what the meaning of “is” is, and so on…

President Clinton was a man with a lifelong history of ministering to women whom he considered ‘wayward,’ and Hillary for her part, raised as a devout Episcopalian and former Goldwater Girl, was as faithful to her husband as he was to her, often ministering to lonely men in need of solace herself, as with Webb Hubbell and Vince Foster.   Continue reading →

Betty Veronica Harvey

Betty, Veronica: Dirty Harvey Illustrated Tell-All!

Archie, Jughead, Reggie, Moose all silent…

“We were only sixteen!”

AP – (Riverdale News) In what may be the most bizarre revelation yet, Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge stepped forward today with new allegations concerning film mogul Harvey Weinstein. In an emotional two-hour press conference at Trump Towers in midtown Manhattan, the pair was introduced by President Donald Trump, a Lodge family friend.

“Veronica and Betty are friends of mine, we grew up together,” said The President. “Mr. Lodge, Ver’s dad, did business with my Dad, up in Riverdale. Harvey Weinstein should be ashamed of himself, if any of this is true.”   Continue reading →