Encased Meats: The Argument For Homemade

Imagine stuffing yourself, with a sausage you stuffed yourself.

Electric meat grinder and sausage stuffer.

If you have never made and consumed a bespoke hamburger, from fresh chuck that you ground yourself, to your own exacting specifications, from an inspired recipe of your own creation… then you aren’t living precisely right. You aren’t deriving enough pleasure from the hamburgers that you eat. You are still buying dried-out, shrink-wrapped stale ground beef “off the shelf” at some defeated grocery chain, which is like buying a suit from Sears on your way to work and wearing it after you remove the tags.

You don’t have to live like this, Ed.

Imagine yourself slaughtering a cow in your backyard, hacking fistfuls of still-steaming musculature from the beast – and then grinding it to perfection along with just the right amount of fresh fat from the tail of an ox, using the machine pictured above.

We haven’t even mentioned yet, the splendors of succulence that accrue to the encased meats aficionado, who rushes home from the slaughterhouse with his own humanely head-bashed pig, with visions of a freshly ground and perfectly seasoned mountain of sausage arranged before a glowing iron grill, as if the perfect sacrificial offering to an All-Powerful God.

Imagine that you are that All-Powerful God, Ed.

A fat, smiling benevolent God, content with all of creation… all of his own making.

Sourced from the legendary Mountain Feed and Supply Co. of Santa Cruz, this 12 pound electric grinder comes equipped with a cam-locking mechanism for quick and tight securing of the grinder head to housing, and also includes: three stainless steel plates (1/8″, 1/4″ & 5/16″) and a cutting knife, a food pusher that doubles as an accessory container, two plastic stuffing tubes (1/2″ that tapers up to 1″ and 1″ that tapes up to 1 1/4″), a resettable overload fuse , and a power cable storage. Best of all – a four hundred watt, 120-volt motor under the hood!

$155, plus shipping.

Say “hey,” Kid!

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