Trump vs. Trump

In a never-ending battle for Truth, Justice…and The American Way.

Note the Russian ties…

People who say, “Donald Trump is his own worst enemy” aren’t paying close enough attention to his competition. They’re giving his many enemies short shrift if they think that a dufus like The Donald could outdo them in any “enemy” competition.

Lethality, that’s the measure of an enemy. How well equipped is an enemy to be able to take one’s self down?

But — is Donald Trump actually an enemy of Donald Trump? Or is Trump Trump’s own BFF?

That’s the question. The popular belief among Democrats and NeverTrumpers alike is that – at any minute – Doppelgänger Donald is going to do his double “in” and bring his whole world crashing down on him (self.) As enemies of Trump go, they say, Trump’s self-inflicted “wounds” are world-class, making him his own Enemy Numero Uno.

But ex-FBI ubermensch and Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller appears to be at least as formidable a foe. He has assembled a team of vengeful, pro-Clinton, anti-Trump national socialists as terrifying as any since Reichfuhrer Heinrich Himmler’s Einsatzgruppen. Right now, Herr Mueller is the lead horse in the race to bring The President down on the “collusion” front. But his whole case rests on the assumption that Donald Trump is Donald Trump’s own worst enemy. I.e. that Donald made the fatal, treasonous move to conspire with Vlad Putin’s cabal of Russian hackers… in order to “steal” the election from Trump’s archrival, the cuckquean Hillary Clinton.

But is Donald Trump really that devious? Is he clever enough to have made that dastardly pact with Putin, managing to both win the election and to avoid/escape impeachment afterward? It would be Moriarity-level criminality if Donald were that effective an enemy of Donald.

Donald Trump’s record would suggest that – if he is indeed an enemy of himself – he’s not really all that effective, in the lethality department. Let’s look at his past.

His Hair: The Golden Fleece.

If Donald Trump was an effective enemy of Donald Trump… would he have lived his life the way he’s lived it for the past seventy-two years?

The hairdo he adopted early on certainly ranks right up there, in terms of a potentially self-defeating choice of gargantuan self-destruction, image-wise, if his intention was to establish credibility or be taken seriously in any endeavor other than professional wrestling (Gorgeous George) or retro rock music star ala Wayne Cochran.

He was groomed from youth to become a Manhattan commercial real estate developer. Golden pompadours are considered to be neither an asset nor an indication of reliability, in banking circles. Successful developers depend upon bankers taking them seriously.

And yet here he is, a billionaire contending for the nomination of the Republican Party, his greasy golden comb-over freak-flag flying high. With the possible exception of Ted Cruz and Newt Gingrich – none of the other Republican contestants, fifteen of them – had more ridiculous hairdos than Trump’s own ridiculous “do.”

His “Tweets”: Unpresidential and Unfit.

Most of Trump’s ankle-biting yippers point to his embarrassingly sophomoric tweet-savagery as proof-positive that a limbic-brained monster now resides in The White House. And while it is true that no President in history has ever publicly feuded with the likes of Rosie O’Donnell, it is also true that ‘Lyin Ted,’ ‘Little Marco’ and ‘Low Energy Jeb’were each once considered by experts to be “shoe-ins” for the Republican nomination.

Until Trump tweeted them dead, got the nomination, and tweeted ‘Crooked Hillary’ dead too.

For the first time in history, an American President virtually dictates the topic of the next day’s news-cycle, using nothing but an iPhone and Twitter, before falling asleep in front of the TV.

Twitter has forced mankind to reckon with itself: and we don’t like what we see – because we see Donald Trump.

His Sexism, Racism, and Islamophobia: Liberal America Shocked! Shocked!

To a man, every one of history’s most powerful leaders – including Cleopatra, Golda Meir, and Margaret Thatcher  – have recognized, understood, celebrated and exploited their fellow man’s (and their own) undeniable base nature. Consider the words “Infidels.” ‘Gaijin.’ ‘Untouchables.’

Are we not men?

In America — liberals, progressives and Democrats have, until yesterday, been able to very successfully position themselves as being “above” all of that. Yesterday – Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer — along with fellow-liberals Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Dustin Hoffman, Al Franken, Kevin Spacey and ninety or so other ‘progressives’ – summarily lost their claim-to-fame.

We are Devo.

His ignorance. If he’s so smart – how come he isn’t rich?

Question asked and answered.

The conclusion appears to be this: If Donald Trump is indeed his own worst enemy – then he has nothing to worry about and will be handily re-elected. He’s just not that effective an enemy. Not of himself anyway.

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