Yenta Levin’s Chicken Soup Goyimme

Matzoh-free, like the shiksas make …

“So who needs matzoh?”


Back in the old neighborhood in Sarasota, my mother (God rest her soul!) used to make chicken soup, oy did she make! With the chicken bones and the big pot and the onions and the chopping and dicing and seasonings and the boiling, always with the boiling – all day…and for what? So the other loudmouth old bitties in her mah-jongg group could all chime in, with their comments!? “Too much salt,” “have you tried with the ‘no-fat?’ “ “what’s with all the pepper?”   Continue reading →

Encased Meats: The Argument For Homemade

Imagine stuffing yourself, with a sausage you stuffed yourself.

Electric meat grinder and sausage stuffer.

If you have never made and consumed a bespoke hamburger, from fresh chuck that you ground yourself, to your own exacting specifications, from an inspired recipe of your own creation… then you aren’t living precisely right. You aren’t deriving enough pleasure from the hamburgers that you eat. You are still buying dried-out, shrink-wrapped stale ground beef “off the shelf” at some defeated grocery chain, which is like buying a suit from Sears on your way to work and wearing it after you remove the tags.   Continue reading →